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Beautiful Places in Thailand

Written By Ashley on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 | 4:13 AM

Thailand offers a massive variety of assets at a minimal price - a full variety of incredible cuisine often served in gorgeous outdoor settings; an intense collection of sights, from glittering, elegant temples to colourful floating markets to lunatic festivals; local people who are more relaxed and charming than they should be under seige by a planeloads of impolite, drunk and groping foreigners, but they keep on smiling, as the sun keeps on shining.
Thailand's beaches are huge, well serviced and in settings that are often strange but always comfortable, busy but relaxed.
The country has all kinds of holidays for all kinds of travellers on all kinds of budgets, from huts on a beach or a mountain to the best hotel in the world, Bangkok's Oriental.
And the shopping is sensational - silks, tailor-made outfits in a couple of days, jewelry, wood carvings...
This is one of Asia's best countries and a perfect base for travel to other Asian destinations..


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